Saturday, January 23, 2010

So this is the thanks I get for buying Haleigh new linens...

I hate to have to crate my babies. But they ate my couch. And Haleigh has the tendency to eat things she should not eat and then gets bad stomach aches - thank God she has not had to have surgery! So we crate.
But I try to make sure they have super awesome beds with lots of blankets and pillows and toys.
I got Haleigh a super-cute organic cotton comforter to go in hers and this is what she thought of her new bed...


  1. One of the houses I clean for has 2 very old 'rescue' dogs. It's kind of sweet because the dogs are nearly blind and one is totally deaf but they sleep right tight to each other. "They met late in life." the owner told me, and comparing it to my personal situation I replied that there's certainly nothing wrong with that! Anyway, the female will eat anything that's not nailed down and we have to be very careful with our cleaning supplies. She once had surgery to remove a wash cloth (not ours!) from her stomach.
    So is Haleigh smiling or is her nose in the air!?

  2. I think she is laughing at me.
    She is such the princess of the house and is spoiled rotten.
    It's the well-that's-what-you-get-for-making-me-stay-in-my-house snub.

    She is a daddy's girl.
    You know the type, 100% spoiled.
    I'm so glad she is not human; she would be a total brat. :)

  3. you look like you need some brinksey winksey company?? i dont thinks i fits thought BOL
    smoochie kisses

  4. If u promise not to each couchy thing mommee won't put you in woggie house.
    I eated couchy thing.
    Like pree times so mommee get woggie house for me and brober.
    Said she tired of having to order repwacement cushons.
    But you no each couchy you can lay on couchy all the day!