Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meet the New Krabacher Kid...LuLu

This winter we have helped with several litters of puppies left out in the freezing cold. We are very blessed to know some wonderful, wonderful people who do so much to help Middle Tennessee dogs.
LuLu was a rescue by Operation Education. It was a late-night run and we got her and 4 of her litter mates around midnight a couple of weeks ago.
I will never forget when Tiffany opened her van and out of this pile-o-puppies LuLu looked right up at me and I swear she was smiling.
She is the absolute sweetest dog I have ever met and well, there was just no way I was going to be able to let her go. I mean look at that face!
LuLu and Abbey are exactly the same size and sometimes I forget they actually came from completely different rescue missions.
So now we have Haleigh, Greighson, Abbey and LuLu.
A good even, healthy number ;)


  1. She looks like gray velvet! What a sweetie.

  2. congrats! that is a very sweet face

  3. Hewwo! Congrats on the new baby!