Friday, January 22, 2010

What? I's not midget. I's what dey calls "mini pibble".


  1. oh what a cutie. any idea what he really is?

  2. We have no idea.
    We rescued her entire litter one day as they were just left out in the cold and it was like 20 degrees out.
    (That is really, really cold here in TN)
    The TN SPCA took them in but she did not get adopted right away so we took her in.
    She's a little spunky one and keeps us very entertained.
    Maybe as she gets older we'll be able to discern what in the world she is. Right now she's just the "Wee One" or "The Midget". (Her name is Abbey Gale)

  3. look like we got another addition to the pto society
    you gotta teachs her the ropes my sweet haleigh
    smooches and sugar