Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yesterday someone put my best friend's/sister's dog in her van and she died.
Carrie thought she was outside playing with the kids but she was locked in her van.
Carrie is a wreck and I can only imagine how heartbroken the kids are.
We are hoping that it was a neighborhood kid that did it and just did not know any better.
My heart cannot even begin to think that someone did that on purpose.
It was an accident.
It had to be.

My heart just breaks for Carrie and my nephews
And makes me even more protective of my own kids.
We took Greighson out downtown this weekend and we waited until the evening when it was cooler but he still got really hot.
And I feel so bad about that now.
My kids are just going to be couch potatos during the day.
They are going to be spoiled brats and I will no longer make any apologies for it.

Sally, we will always love you and carry you in our hearts.
Have fun playing in heaven; we will meet again sweet girl.