Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Abbey Cracks us up...

Poor Abbey stuck in a house full of bullies! Just kidding. Little Abbey rules the roost around here. But she is quite the goof ball with her grunting like a little pig and the way she sits on her butt just cracks us up. Joey caught her just sitting on her bum looking out the back sliding glass door the other night. She is just hilarious; I'm so glad we found her and decided to keep her.
She almost was left behind. We were out doing Hay Day this winter - taking hay out to dogs who live outside to put in their dog houses.  We found a litter of puppies out in the country and the people living there were more than happy to let us take them off their hands. Well, we thought we had all of them and as we were driving away Joey spotted one more.  How he saw her I'll never know - they were tiny. But he did and then he jumped the fence to go get her.  I'm forever grateful.

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