Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My favorite doggie thing

This is my favorite thing.
I found this dog feeder by blog-hopping one day.
I feel in love with it and had to have it.
A $235 water bowl was hard to convince Joey to buy but I finally won and I just love it.
The quality is fantastic and it will last forever. I am so glad I found this and for those who love to buy from small, non-corporation companies this is right up your alley.
These Creatures is at
This is my favorite thing.


  1. I love it! Unfortunately I can't find a good reason for me too spend that right now maybe one day!!

  2. It was no easy feat for me to convince Joey to buy a $200 water bowl. He looked at me like I was crazy when I first found it and showed it to him.
    But he ended up caving when I told him that's all I wanted for my birthday and refused to give him any other ideas ;)

    And it will last forever - it's really heavy so it was "buy once, cry once".

    It was one of those things I was willing to sacrifice food for a week to get.

  3. I can see why that is your favorite thing!