Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Rolls

Ok so this morning Joey and I were discussing the weight that Haleigh Anne has obviously put on this winter.
My girl is quite "insulated" as I like to say.
I know it's because we are so not cold weather people and have not been out for walks and hikes and trips to the lake like we are in ths warm months.
But she's getting fat and we so can't wait to get back outdoors.

And then I saw this post this morning.
Now please know that we Krabachers all love the Houston Pittie Pack.
And especially Brinksey Winksey Puddin Pie.
But I about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw todays post and had to share this again...
Haleigh Anne's love muffin has enough rolls for both of them.
But how cute is he with all his little love rolls?

We love you the best Brinksey!


  1. Baily has those same rolls. She is one who changes with the seasons :)

  2. these most handshumest love rolls ish whats to keep my haleigh anne warm during the cold winter most chubbers love handles are what makes me and my lady love meant to be cause we ish both cutest that way
    love smooches
    brinksey winksey

  3. Haleigh and Brinks would make quite the pair.
    They could lay on the couch, watch their pictures, count their chubber rolls and share cookies all day long.
    They are the match made in heaven.

  4. What a "healthy" look. We always make fun of Miss M. for being tubby, but she is so proud of it because eating food is her hobby.

  5. I love it! Brinksey and Haleigh have a "hobby".

    They can start their own club "The Kibble Kids".