Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brwinksey Winksey I's a model!

I made de Bwocky Cowwar webby sitey!


  1. oh my lady love you are most bewootiful in those pikshures i mades mommish save the piksure immediately so i can looks at you all the time. mommish does'nt like that i slobber the screen so much but i's try to send you as many sugars as i can
    do you get them???

  2. Love it and love the pink/silver collar! She is so sweet :)

  3. Brinksey Winksey Mommee take'ed aways ur Bawentine yous sents me.
    She sais I got swobbers all overs it.
    I was jus tryin to wuv'ed you!

    I give'ed you wots of kisses too mai sweet wub muffin!