Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When is Grammy going to be here again?

The other day my mom called me. She had taken her dog Cooper to the vet and while she was there this lady came in with her pit bull. This was my mom; "Oh my goodness Jenny you would not believe how big this dog was. I mean he could have made two of Cooper. Really he was just enormous and his head was just huge. I asked her how much he weighed and she said 80 pounds. Wow. That was a big dog...."

This was me; "Uh mom. You know Haleigh weighs 80 pounds. Yea, that little pumpkin you love grew up."

I am still cracking up at my mom for that one. She was so amazed at this "huge dog" and her own grandfurkid is the same size.

My mom has not seen Haleigh in two years - she was only 3 months old the last time she saw her.
They are coming to Nashville next week and staying with us, of course. I so cannot wait for her to see Haleigh.
She is going to freak out.  In a good way ;)

I do have to give my mom credit. She was terrified when she found out Joey and I had adopted a pit bull. She was scared to death we were going to get eaten by our dog.
You know how moms can be.
 But two years later Haleigh has still not eaten us and she's coming around.
And I even dare to say she's proud.
But with a face like Haleigh's what grammy wouldn't be ;)


  1. I love hearing stories about parents "coming around"...we are changing the world one person at a time!

  2. My grandpawents weren't too thrilled when my mom brought me home - half because I'm part pit and because I'm so big and strong. Grandma and Grandpa love me now, but I only go there with mom and dad because I'm too strong and their pug, my uncle Harley, picks on me terribly and tries to attack me. I just run away... Anyway, great story! I hope she enjoys her stay! Haleigh is beautiful :o)

  3. My parents still make jokes about our pitbulls eating us. They actually never met the dogs until they were in town last week. My mom just kept saying she couldn't believe how nice they were. I think this just goes with my theory that most people who hate pitbulls have never met them in real life.

  4. More converts to our cause! YAY!

    That's a wonderful picture of Haleigh!

  5. ofcourse I dont own any sweet pitties but my parents always are amazed I have 200pds worth of dogs here! I love that picture too cute!

  6. dogs grow up so fast :(

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