Friday, August 20, 2010

Dr. Alley said I was fat.

Dr. Alley said I have to get my rumpus off the couch more often because I'm F-A-T.
Dr. Alley said mommy feeds me too much and I have to get less food.
I mean is is not bad enough that I have to eat that healthy kibble?
Now I get less kibble?
I think I need a nap.

**Other than being a little chunky Haleigh Anne is perfectly healthy.


  1. Glad Haleigh Anne had a healthy check up! My Haylie is a porker too... we are on weight loss boot camp - now if she would quit looking at me like a peice of stake I would be happier :)

  2. I think you're beautiful! Who cares what that Dr says! Few more pounds of loveableness! ;-)

  3. Is she really chunky? How do you know what the body weight should be?

  4. I'm sure she is just maintaining a bit of chunkiness to keep Brinksy Winksy from feeling so portly :)

  5. Haleigh, obviously your vet has never heard of "big boned."

  6. Haleigh Anne is the epitome of Pit-Bull-Couch-Potato.
    She has actually a little fat and does need to lose some weight. He did say to strive for 5 pounds and then we'll see about 10.
    She really is too chubby and kind of grunts like a pig sometimes.
    She'll look and feel a whole lot better 5 pounds lighter.

  7. Deawest most bewootiful lady luv of my chunky heawt. I's to fink ur most rolly pollies are extra loves for all to hug.i's to wuv u most ebery days wiff all my chunkyness. U are bewootiful and purrfect 2 me my queen.
    Ur chunkey munkey full of love for u
    Brinksey winksey puddin pie

  8. uh oh. exercise is so much better than less food!

    Don't forget, we moved to