Monday, July 12, 2010

Our new little family!

Right around the time of the flood we had the bird family that built their nest in one of our ferns.
I was so sad because the babies were gone one day and I did not get to see them fly away.
Realistically what are the chances of that happening?
But I was still sad because that fern hung right outside our living room window so we were able to watch the momma bird build the nest and then she laid her eggs and then they hatched and we got to see all this.
They also were there for the bad storms and flood which even intensified our love for them because we had to make sure they were safe and to keep them safe without upsetting momma.
We loved those birds.
And now they're gone.
But the other day Joey found a new nest in the front door arrangement I made.
I made this arrangement myself - which needs some TLC but I can't do anything to it now because we have a family in it!! And I was so proud that they picked the arrangement I made myself to build their nest.
Normal people would probably find that a nuisance, but I'm so happy they're here.
I worry because they're on the front door and every time we open the door momma goes flying off.
We're extra careful opening and closing the door now too so they should be OK.

It was hard to get a picture of them because they're nestled in the right hand side in the back up against the door, but here they are...