Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One day I'm going to just open my own store...

I love to shop. And there is nothing more I love to shop for then my kids. I know Joey thanks God every day that we are never going to have human kids because my shopping problem would be totally out of control.  ;)
I try to maintain a reasonable budget. The key word being "try". But when I discovered Paco Collars I had to splurge. These collars are just amazing and you absolutely must check them out.
I tried to get pictures but the kids would not sit still in poses where I could get good shots of them - something about the camera makes them want to play unless they're napping.
Greighson has the Griffin Deluxe
Haleigh Anne has the Sybyl Lilly
I can't wait for LuLu and Abbey to get big enough for them.
So love these collars!


  1. I love those collars! and I am the same way!! Love to buy for the kids. Don't know that I'll have too much problem with human kids (in the far,far, future) as they can talk, and be ungrateful. :)

  2. Paco collars are amazing!

    Don't forget! We've moved to

  3. Maybe you should open a store; your pooches would make great models!