Friday, July 30, 2010

Not ready to get up

Haleigh and Greighson are crated while we are at work. But we always come home mid-day to let them out to potty, stretch their legs, get some water and a snack.
But some days we just feel like we're interrupting their nap time.

Haleigh is on her 2nd Molly Mutt bed already. She is notorious for chewing up anything we give her in her crate. I try to tell her that is gross, that pretty girls don't live in rat's nests but she doesn't care.
One day I really hope she grows out of that.


  1. Greighson looks none to happy that you are trying to wake him up!

  2. LOL i was about too be impressed that they could have those beds! I've learned the hard way my dogs only get old blankets in the crate and nice beds where I can monitor them.