Friday, July 2, 2010

LuLu and our foster Petey on Pitter Patter

And that is exactly what they were doing to me!
And they were always successful at getting as many cookies as they wanted.
Imagine that.

Petey was adopted this winter by a wonderful family. He was taken to an adoption event at Pet Smart and the family that adopted him spent $1000 on toys, beds, food, treats.... you name it, they bought it.
And then they took him home in his brand new ride, an Infinity SUV.
Petey Pot is living the high life now.
Maybe it had something to do with that infamous look of his...

Sometimes it pays to be a rescue.
And I so love it when it does.


  1. We didn't realize the URL link changed,and we wondered why your posts weren't coming back up. I'm glad we'll be able to stay updated on the kids now!

  2. wow he sure did luck out with an awesome family!