Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I did NOT do that. I promise.

Greighson is the KING of PITIFUL.
He always goes and hids in a corner when he's done something he knows is a no-no.
And that is how he has successfully managed to not get in trouble like 99.9% of the time he pulls something like this.
I mean really, how can you be mad at him when he's so pitiful?
He plays his mommy very, very well.


  1. It's cute to see he feels remorse. Then after seeing him like that, I guess you have to hunt around to see what he did wrong...

  2. I think my cold and cynical heart has just melted. <3

  3. i always worry when I find a dog in that position. I run around trying to find out what was destroyed

  4. Wow, he didn't just knock that over, he decimated it! Poor boy. How could you not forgive him? :)