Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Brwinksey Winksey Puddin Pie King of All Dat is Chubbiness

Dearest Brwinksey,

Dis is The Haleigh Anne Gage Krabacher - yous knows ur most loyalest fan in all da world!
I witing dis ledder because I miss'ed yous all the days.
I ask'ed mai mommee ebery day Where is My Brwinksey?
She sais she worried bout yous too and she misses all ur most chubbiness pichures.

Yous wud be sooo proudy of mees. Mommee take'ed me to V-E-T with brober and dey sai I got 80 whole pounds of love!
Mommee sais its cause she and da daddee love'ed me so much.

But I work'ed hard to be Queen of all dat is Chubby like my faborite King Brwinksey Winksey Puddin Pie.

I miss'ed yous Brwinksey and I hopes to see'ed you soons!

Haleigh Anne Gage Krabacher "Queen of All that is Chubby"


  1. Hi Haleigh,

    I'm stopping by to give you a message from Brinks. You know I am his brother Tiger's girlfriend. Mommy went over to his house today to see how Shelby was doing and he asked Mommy to send you a picture of his very handsome face and Body but for some reason I can't open your e-mail from your bio. So if you'd like to send me your e-mail address I will send youy the pictures. My e-mail address is on my bio.

    We haven't met before but it's about time, since we could be related some day.

    {{{huggies}}}...Mona and my Mommy Sarah

  2. oh deawest love of my chubbyness rolly pollies
    i's to mish you to the moon and back. i would give up all my food just to shee you my queen of chubbyness. mommish ish going to save me your picture on our phone so i cans looks at your most bewootimous pibble smile most everyday. i mades her take time to log on her work puter to send you my chubby peemail. please to wait for you my lady love.

    wiff lotsa chubby slobbers
    your brinksey winksey pudding pie kind of all that is most chubbyness