Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crabby Abbey and LuLu Magoo

Abbey was almost left behind. When we went out to get her litter on Hay Day - Samantha from the TN SPCA knew about them before we went out - Abbey almost got left behind. As we were pulling away Joey looked back and noticed a little black ball in the yard. He jumped the fence to make sure and sure enough it was a puppy. That is how we got our Crabby Abbey.
She is lovingly called Crabby because she was a mean little tyke. She bit me in the face 3 times before I got smart and stopped giving her kisses. She grunts like a pig (so not kidding) and is just not the lovey, dovey cuddly type. And that is how we came to keep her.
We were scared of what could happen to her if she was adopted out. She was really mean.
She's come a long way and is a lot more loving now - in her own way.
And her Crabby Abbey-ness is funny and part of her charm.

LuLu Magoo on the other hand has been the sweetest, most loving puppy I have ever met from the day she was brought to our home. She was rescued by Tiffany Galyon with Operation Education along with 16 other puppies.
We took in 5 to foster but LuLu stole Joey's heart. She is just the sweetest, most precious puppy God ever created (I swear I'm not biased, she really is) and we just could not let her go.

The funny thing is the grumpiest little puppy and the sweetest little puppy are total BFFs; they LOVE each other. And we do too.


  1. So funny. Do you think the sweetness will ever rub off? Hopefully the crabiness doesn't rub off...

  2. You know what they say about opposites attracting!!

  3. thats very sweet. I love the nicknames :)