Saturday, June 19, 2010

Allergies Smallergies

We have always fed our kids by product free food. We started out with Nutro and then when I found locally run Nature's Select we started feeding them that.  I never really thought anything else about their diet.
They ate quality food and I thought that we were doing the right thing.
And then Haleigh's feet and muzzle started getting red and she would just lick and lick and lick her paws all the time.
Everyone said it was allergies.
But to what?
Once again, they ate good food so what could she be having a reaction to? They never ate pork because I detest pork. And they never ate beef because Haleigh Anne is susceptiable to Demodex so seriously she was having an allergic reaction.
So we decided to go with a fish-based diet for her.
And thank God it worked. Her little feet are no longer pink and her muzzle is going back to normal.
Sadly though there are very few options for doggies with allergies.
Nature's Select has an Alaskan Salmon, but when we went to PetCo they only sell 3 fish based treats.
I'm really, really big on not buying big brand. I know PetCo is Big Business, but we don't have a lot of options around here.

If I can I buy locally - like our local Nature's Select vendors - and always quality.
So if anyone know of any by-product free fish based food please let me know.
The few options we have are good, but she's going to need more variety eventually.

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  1. ooo we do fish based here. We love Eagle Pack Holistic Anchovy, Sardine and Salmon. Baily goes ga ga for it. We also have done Cali Naturals Herring & Sweet Potato. 9 ingredients- great for allergies (and not spendy at all). Taste of the Wild pacific stream is good but our pups don't like grain free. Halo's Salmon gave ours upset tummys.