Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ah, the joy of lunch time

Joey goes home at lunch time to check on The Girls (LuLu and Abbey) and let Haleigh and Greighson out to go potty.
The Girls are usually really good and we keep them in the kitchen by means of baby gate while we're at work. They have their crate/bed and they have access to the back yard through the doggie door.
For the most part they do fine.
But here lately Joey has been telling me that they have been making messes when he comes home.
I never believe him because I like to live in the denial that my babies are perfect. And there is never a mess when I come home.
Maybe they know.
I keep telling him they only do it when he's coming home. They don't make messes when they know mommy is coming home.
So today I get this on my phone:

Naughty. Naughty.
And if you look in the upper left corner that is Abbey in her crate/bed.
She's the smart one and knows this was not a good thing to do.
LuLu was probably bouncing off the walls so happy with her great kill of her bed.

I just laugh.

Now what they better be grateful for is that their daytime Molly Mutt bed has not arrived yet. If they tear up their Molly Mutt bed Mommy is going to not be happy with them.

And poor Joey.
One day he'll get smart and leave the mess for me to clean up when I get home with the "So there. How perfect are your little angles now?" look on his face.
And I will just have to laugh. God love him. And God love The Girls.

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  1. haha I was wondering if he had been leaving it for you yet :)