Monday, June 21, 2010

Adore Me

I have  become addicted to Etsy.
If I win the lottery I swear a huge dent of it is going to many of the amazing artists on that site.
Etsy has probably been around for forever and a day, but as usual I'm a bit behind the times.
I'm not generally impressed with what's in style or the "latest thing" so if the latest thing happens to actually be cool well, I won't know about it for a long time - or until I end up stumbling upon it somehow.
So I found Etsy and I just love it.
I went looking for Joey's Father's Day gift from the kids there and I found the most adorable little "doggie family" by Adore Me.
I feel in love with it. There were two big dogs and two little dogs. Just like our kids. But there were two pink and two blue so I contacted the artist Isabel Sturtz who said it would be no problem for her to make me a little family just like my own.

I was so excited when we got them in the mail. Isabel wrapped them up beautifully so I had to be very careful taking them out, but they were so cute! And one of the little ones is fatter than the other so it really is just like our girls. (Abbey is still a chunky one.)

And Joey just loves them. He was really excited and loved that they were hand made just for him.

This doggie family will definitely make my Favorite Things list.

You can get your own Doggie Family at

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