Monday, May 31, 2010

Tennessee, Texas and BSL

Yesterday I was out running errands and was thinking how much I truly love living in Tennessee.
Joey and I seriously talked about moving to Texas, but I truly would have missed all the mountains and trees and how green this town is.
One of the main reasons we talked about moving to Texas is because of how dog friendly and especially pittie friendly they are down there. We were very impressed with Texas and their ethics regarding dogs and respect for individuals right to their own property and space.
I think my dad told me 35 times that it was NOT OK to just go visit someone else's cows, that I could very well get shot at for something like that.
For visiting cows?
No, for trespassing.

The more I thought of that, the more I liked Texas.
I have never, ever been a violent person. But the idea that I could legally shoot someone if they came on my property was quite appealing. To know that we could protect our family and to know that other people know we could protect our family was well, it was nice.

Then I remembered what happened here in Tennessee when BSL laws were put on the table in legislature.
Tennessee has a little bit of Texas in it and I almost forgot about this.
When Tennessee started entertaining the idea of BSL legislation their phones were blown up from good-ol-boys letting those congressmen know real quick that if anyone dared step on their property and try to take their dogs, they would have to get through their rifle first.
Apparently they received so many of these phone calls that BSL was shut down. And quite quickly.
Individual towns can institute BSL rules but the great state of Tennessee, like Texas is BSL free.

Cause like Texans, we Tennesseans won't let nobody come around messing with our family.

And the little bit of redneck in me that comes naturally from being born in the south, is quite proud.

Don't mess with Texas.
Don't mess with Tennessee.

**Disclaimer: We do not own a gun in this house and never, ever promote or condone violence. But if it is a matter of protecting my family, then all bets are off.

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