Saturday, May 22, 2010

I try to make sure our kids only eat truly good and nutritious food. They eat Nature's Select holistic dry food and Solid Gold canned food. All their treats are Blue or Nutro or Wellness. They rarely get what we call "puppy Little Debbie's" but when they do they go all out and enjoy it for all it's worth. We went to the Pedigree Dog's Rule event today and the girls got Purina Busy Chewnolas. Doggie granola bars. LuLu gets car sick but Abbey dug right in like a champ. Junk food joy at it's best.

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1 comment:

  1. Our Wilbur is currently on a 'raw' diet but it's a lot of work! I spent an hour tonight cutting up 4 chicken quarters (along with my hand!). It takes time because after cutting away all the meat, I smash the bones to smithereens in order to expose the marrow and make them more edible (my daughter simply tosses the whole thing to her dog and he devours it, but that makes me nervous). I also have to add vitamins (I use Missing Link and it's not cheap!) to fill in for any nutrients he may be missing.
    The upside of this diet is the reduced 'output' during potty time.
    However we're moving onto our boat next week and packaged food is starting to sound pretty good!