Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back on my feet again.

Last year after Joey and I got married we went to my parent's ranch for a few days. I love it out there and they have these awesome big, black cows that I just love to watch.
Well, I found out very quickly and the hard way that I am not a cowgirl and was not made for this ranching stuff at all.
I love cows. Always wanted one as a pet. Especially those magestic long horned steer. They are just beautiful.
What I guess my little city-girl self did not take into account is that A) cows are not cuddly, B) cows are not dogs, C) cows are not "pets", and D) most cows weigh close to a ton.
I found out all of this very quickly when I got stomped on by one who got pissy with another one while I was trying to feed them sweet feed.
I ended up on crutches for a month and with a broken heard over the realization that I was not ever going to be a Cow Girl.
Then right as my foot was healing I tripped and feel over Grieghon.
This time I ended up in a cast for 2 months.

Now I am finally back up and running again, but it's been almost a year since I've been able to exercise. So I wanted to get the most bang for my buck. I walk the dogs by myself in the mornings and that's two trips because I can't walk 4 dogs at one time. And then Joey and I walk them all at night.
So I ordered those Reebok Easytones to get that bang for my buck I was lookging for out of all this walking. Well let me just say they work! They are kicking my butt and I love it.
And they come in much cooler looking versions now.

So for all those dog walkers out there looking for more bang for your buck in work-outs this summer - these are totally worth the $109.


  1. great infor at the perfect time
    after settling into our new house i have time to walk our dogs again. and have started running with guero again. everyone else is not too excited about running except guero and coco. i mean really, brinks would toot on my pillow if i dared take him running lol

  2. That looks like me when the alarm clock goes off.


  3. Are these the ones that are supposed to make your tush look better?