Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ater the Flood

Things are finally calming down around here. The police are no longer checking IDs to get in our neighborhood. The trash has finally been picked up and surburbia is going back to it's quiet self.
One thing about tragedy is that it truly puts life into perspective.
My best friend Carrie was here the night the rain came. And when they started announcing floods she said we should leave.
But the weather men/women here are notoriously wrong so I wanted to wait a bit longer.
Then people in the subdivision next to ours started packing up and leaving.
Then the police came in and enforced a mandatory evacuation.
I was still not convinced.
Then 90% of my neighborhood was packing up their minivans and SUVs and getting the hell out of dodge.
Carrie was hysterical at this point.
But where in the world were we going to go with 4 dogs?
And there was NO WAY we were leaving without our kids.
So we prayed for the best because that's about all we could do.
The water was kind and only crept half way up our street - we were truly blessed to buy a house on a hill.

The next day I got a hysterical phone call from my friend Tam.
The woman we did the Donelson Fence Project (see previous blog) for left her dogs at home.
And left Stoney - her sweet little angel of a pibble - tied to the front porch.
Her house was under water.
And she left that precious little baby tied to the porch.

By the graces of God and forces of compassion I will never understand, Stoney survived.
He was found by a neighbor and picked up by Tam. He was obviously traumatized, but he was alive and not physically hurt.
Thank God.

I could not believe that anyone could or would do something that cruel.
And thinking about that got me to thinking about how much my kids mean to me and what we would sacrifice and give up for them.
Under no circumstances would we leave our kids here.
Even if our house was under water; we would not leave them.
They are our family and I would rather die with them then abandon them like that.

I, with almost all confidence, feel that this blog is read by those who feel the same way about their furkids and for that I am very grateful.

This blog has been a source of humor and support for a love that I have that most do not understand. My dogs are my kids and I'm so grateful to be in such good company.

God bless you all with lots of slobbery kisses and cuddles!


  1. Boy, do I hear you loud and clear! I could never, ever leave my dogs behind. Nothing in the world matters the way they do. Just like a parent loves their human child, I love my dog children. Most people just don't understand!

    Yes, I think we've "found" one another in our little blogging community. We're all animal lovers above everything else. And it feels good to finally find people who understand that, and don't think we're crazy beyond words!

    As for Stoney - tied to a porch during such horrible weather and flooding?! Thank goodness it turned out as it did! That poor dog. Hugs and kisses to him, many, many hugs and kisses to him!

  2. Never would I leave my pets behind never! i would take them and sleep in my car with them if I had to. after Katrina I was so sad and depressed about all the friends left, and I also evacuated for 3 days with the fires in California and knowing I had them was such a relief. I am glad the pup is ok (thank GOD) and you are too!