Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stoney Needs a New Home - e-mail from my friend Tamasine...

Hi Everyone,
Please will you take a few moments to read this, it is shocking.
The Donelson Fence Project was to help a lady on a VERY low income with three dogs. The fence turned out great and since then the owner has been doing a wonderful job taking care of the dogs.
She has lived in her house for 13 years and rented from the same man.........
One of her dogs is Pitbull, his name is Stoney she has had him since October.

The landlord did an inspection today and told her HIS Insruance won't allow the Pitbull to stay on the property.

Stoney is a bundle of love and the owner LOVES him, he sleeps with her and is always with her.
This is the reverse case we are use to where the owner surrenders the dog. The landlord (who I have spoken to at length about this is being black and white) He told her you can move out in 7 days or get rid of your dog.

Stoney is a doll. I have attached his picture. The owner is shocked and doesn't know what to do.
Everyone who worked on the DFP loved Stoney.
This is really distubring, it is Breed Specific Legislation at it's worse. A dog with a wondeful sweet temprement that has a home is being forced into this awful situation.
Stoney needs help. Can anyone help? Can you foster in your home? Do you have any friends that can foster in their home? Can you donate money to help board him?
We have 7 days to find a solution.
Please forward this email, this is an unusual situation and is very sad.
Thank you in advance.

Tamasine Singer

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  1. He looks like a really sweet dog. I hope it works out...