Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where's my Cookie Da****?

Oh Crabby Abbey. Little Miss Crabby Cakes is part of our forever family because she was such a little stink pot we were afraid to adopt her out to anyone. She was only like 5 pounds but bit me right in the face a couple of times (yes, I finally learned my lesson) before we resigned ourselves to accepting that she was just going to be staying with us because she is just too damn mean.
These are words I never thought anyone could use regarding a 5 pound puppy.
She is still Crabby Abbey, but she's softened up a bit and no longer bites me in the face.
But she still has the infamous and signature Crabby Abbey look...
this time she wanted a cookie.
(Thank God our vet says she only get up to 25 pounds or so.)


  1. awww crabby abby reminds us of our coco chanle queen almighty of the darn world lol
    she is not allowed to play with the wee ones cause the only dog she tolerates( and i use the word tolerates very loosely) is guero
    she gets crabbier the older she gets so god help us allw hen she gets to her senior years
    but we love them just them same
    if not more

  2. sorry im back you dont have to publish this but just wanted to let you know that your posts dont come up in the blog updates on my page which is why i had'nt commented earlier. i thought maybe you had'nt posted until i came to visit your page. maybe its just mine but just wanted to let you know

  3. It's awfully nice of you to keep the little crabby ass since she'd most likely get in trouble in someone elses home. When I was two we got a daschaund named PeeWee who, during his sixteen years on this earth, bit everyone in town. He was hell on wheels and in todays world we would have been sued and he would have been put to sleep. But we loved him to death and when he wasn't snarling like crazy, he loved us back. My dad cried the day he had to take him to the vet for his last visit. You've gotta love their spunk!