Friday, February 5, 2010

My Happy Pibble Family Goes to Pibble Rescue

Joey and I have been insepearble from the time we met.
I knew from our second date being "Clean Water Day" at Old Hickory Dam I had met a good man and was keeping him.

3 months after Joey and I started dating we adopted our "love child" Haleigh Anne from Memphis Pit Bull Safe Haven.
Haleigh was 12 weeks old when we brought her home and she was truly a baby. She was caudled and cuddled and truly loved to pieces by us. Over the past year and a half Haleigh has grown into a beautiful girl and she is totally a daddy's girl.

Then last summer I got an e-mail about little Greighson Andrew who was dumped in a ditch and rescued by East Mississippi Animal Rescue. "Gracy Gray" as I call him was in need of a forever home and when I saw his little face I had to bring him home. Gracy is a total boy and keeps us very entertained at all times.

And this past winter we took in Abbey and LuLu who were left out in the cold and probably would have froze to death if they had not been found.

Joey is the absolute best doggie daddy in the entire world and this week he wins the Best Woggie Daddy Awardie as he has agreed to let me start our own Pit Bull Rescue!

I'm so excited!! We work closely with a lot of rescue groups and are volunteering for something almost every weekend. We have a lot of great contacts and friends in rescue and I'm so thrilled!

I so have the best husband and woggie daddy in the entire world!!


  1. oh that is just so wonderful to hear
    haleigh anne and your whole pibble pack could'nt have asked for better pibble parents.
    good luck in all your rescue endevours and if you need any help from houston please dont hesitate to ask.
    brinks just cant wait to one day meet his 'lady love' in person.
    best of luck
    pibble mom

  2. One of the main reasons we wanted to move to Texas is because it is so pibble friendly and my parents have a ranch. It's perfect for a rescue - think Vilalobos.

    One day we will get down there!