Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brinksey Winksey Puddin Pie Sends me Bawentine!

Jus for mee's! I so excited!
And mai faborite is pwetty picshure of Brwinksey so I can sees him all the day.
Eben when the mommee and daddee go to the worky and the picture boxy not on.

Pank you Brwinksey Winksey! I wove'ed it all the day!
I just a widdle sad cause I wish'ed you were in boxy too.


  1. i's so glad youliked the stuff my sweet
    did you shmell the card i's put my good smelly stuff on it so you can shmell me as if i was there wiff you
    and the kisshes on the lip stuffie were shpecially sugary and slobbery just for you
    brinksey winksey

  2. Every woman should get such wonderful treatment from her 'man'! Hayleigh is a lucky girl!