Friday, February 5, 2010

10 pangs dat make'ed us happee!

Greighson Andrew and Haleigh Anne demanded to make their own list for this one so here they are:

Haleigh Anne Gage
1. nappys on de couchy
2. sweeping in de bed with mommee and daddee
3. dweaming of Brwinksey
4. cweaning daddee's ears
5. sweeping on mommee's pillow when she is shower
6. stealing brober's toys
7. eating bed in woggie house
8. being on Pitter Patter
9. sitting in fwont seaty on car wide
10. mommee and daddee

Greighson Andrews
1. bweakfast
2. cookies
3. dinner
4. cookies
5. lazer
6. pwaying tug-o-war wif daddee
7. pwaying wif sissy
8. barking at neighbors
9. eating tennis balls
10. mommee and daddee

LuLu Belle and Abbey Gale love everything nice and kind. They are not picky at all; they just love having a home and a mommee and daddee.

Favorite Furry Friends:
1. Brinksey Winksey and the Houston Pack
2. Princess
3. Mr.B and Ms. M
4. Mesa and Baily
5. All the Pitter Patter Dogs
6. ALL the Vick(tory) Dogs
7. Wee One and Bailey
8. Dexter
9. Shelley, George and Patrick
10. Brandon Bond's Medusa


  1. Oh man thanks! This is an awesome award :)

  2. Yeah, thanks for thinking of us! It's great having pitbull friends.