Thursday, January 28, 2010

Awardie Dayee!

The Awardie for Bestest Bloggie goes to:

My sweet lovey Brwinksey Winksey!!
**swoon** Cause he's the most han-som-ist pibble eber there was! And he makes mai widdle pibble heart just a fwutter!

Oh crappy mommee sais mai Brwinksey alweady gets awardie.
But I gives it to hims anyways cause I'm Miss Haleigh Anne Gage Krabacher and I sais; "Whateber. Whateber. I do's what I want."

Mommee sais I's being fussy and a widdle too bwig for mai brwitches.

Mommee can gib'ed her own awardie. Mine goes to Brwinksey Winksey!
(Das mai faborite picshure of him - is so so the handsomeist or what?)


  1. i wuv you more and more each day my sweet