Saturday, August 22, 2009

Woo Hoo Steve Coffman!!

Northern Idaho Bar Won't Show Eagles Games Because of Vick

There are few sports figures that can bring out the hate like Michael Vick. Back in his Virginia Tech days, he was a kid with legs like Hermes, sprinting around the field like his defenders had decided to shove sand in their sneakers.

Years later, he's a man known mostly as "that dog fighter guy" that is back on our radar, thank goodness, for sports reasons. The problem is, this ain't "Men in Black" and people don't forget. That is why one man in Northern Idaho won't be showing any Eagles games, thank you very much, and won't even serve products that sponsor the Eagles.

Yep, it's a sports bar that will televise 31 teams and serve a few less cold ones.

Steve Coffman, who owns Slates Prime Time Grill and Sports Bar in Sandpoint, said he is boycotting the Eagles and its corporate sponsors -- including the makers of both Coors and Miller beer -- until the team releases Vick, according to the Bonner County Daily Bee.

"I've just about had it," he told the newspaper. "When you look at some of these sports players and what they do and what they get away with ... and we as consumers just seem to turn a blind eye every time this goes on. I think I've just reached a point where I said, 'I've had enough of this.'"

See, America. It's a place where some people take freedom of everything a tad too far, but you get these types of stories that make you proud we live in a place you can do what you want, as long as it's within reason. Coffman owns an establishment, doesn't agree with the current NFL situation, and has decided that even if it hurts business (Coors beer is his top selling brew, which is reason to be worried in the first place), he won't let a back-up quarterback be spewed across his television screen.

Don't like it? Go to another bar. Think it's a bad policy? Tough luck, we can refuse service to anyone.

Coffman hopes other bars across the country will follow his example, and I'm sure some will. No matter your love or hatred for Mr. Vick over the coming months, I think we can all agree that his return to the NFL will make the sport that much more interesting.

If nothing else, it'll make drinking a Bud Light Lime in one Northern Idaho bar all the more acceptable.
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His address is: Steve Coffman, Slate's Prime Time Grill and Sports Bar, 477272 Highway 95, Ponderay, Idaho 83852


  1. Steve Coffman you rock!
    Can't believe we live in USA, in 2009, and find it neccessary to explain to NFL that it is not appropriate to use convicted felons in professional sport. Duh ... is doing a great job of collecting signatures and I hope that your gutsy action will stimulate others to keep this killer out of professional sport.
    What to do with Vick? Perhaps he'd like to choose from electrocution, pulverizing, rape or drowning.

  2. I couldnt find a id thats fast other than annomynous,but does anyone have Steves email so I can thank him in person? If buisness refused to buy miller etc like coke and pepsi and stuck with budweiser and shasta instead the sponsors would notice more than if just individuals who dont buy as much bulk did it.
    DID you know in eagles games kids ages 4-10 come in wearing dog masks yelling "to hell with dogs, we love Michael Vic?" Thats what we want to teach kids,their parents are right behind them, who do you think spent money on the masks?
    Also Bud Melton was found murdered shortly before he was able to testify. He was a star witness against Vick but was found murdered 8 days after the raid and before he was able to testify. His testimony would have cost vick 5 years in the penn,but he was murdered before he could officially testify in court.
    ps go to football players against Vick and look at gypsys photo and some other dogs, thats the editted version, the parts not too gross for us to see.

  3. Would buying the shirt posted on the bar site help Steve? I want to support him and spent money with him but I dont live in Idaho and I really love that shirt. I know there are other versions but I like that one best.

  4. This warms the cockles of my heart! Thank God someone is fighting back!