Monday, August 10, 2009

Whas my name?

When Momee and Dadee took me to my furever home dey said mai name was
Haleigh Anne Gage Krabacher.
I liked dat name jus fine.
But now dey calls me:

Haleigh Monsta!
Momee's liddle angel
Momee's babee
Boom baba
Modor boat - when I'm swimmin
Crews liner - when I'm swimmin

But I's not de only one!
Dey call Pepper Pepperoni, Pepper-rone-chini, Pep-Squad, and Big Ole Babee cause she won't go swimmin.

Greighson is Gracy Gray - don't dey know he's a boy?
Pooh bear
Or Gracy poo poo. Poo poo is what I does in the back yard no? But Gracy is poo poo?
I don't undersand.
He gets called Liddle Angel too.

And momee's favorite is 3 Liddle Pibbles All in Da Row.

Maybe one days I know mai name.

~Haliegh Anne~

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