Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I work in an office and I have 20 pictures of my dogs in my office "cubicle". No one that comes to my desk does not know how much I love my furkids. And as I'm a Team Leader, I get a lot of visits during the day.
I am very vocal. My kids are always getting into something and I share my funny stories/adventures with my co-workers.
I am also very social and talkitive by nature - and since I love my furkids and my husband so very, very much no one in this office does not know these few things about me:

1. I just got married to the absolutely most wonderful man in the entire world.
2. I have lots of tattoos.
3. I'm vegan.
4. I love my rescued pit bulls very, very much.
5. My husband spoils us all completely rotten. That they definitely know.

Joey and I decided against having two-legged kids - for a multitude of reasons. And in making that decision our furkids took top priority in our house.
All of the nurturing and maternal/paternal instincts we have we bestow right on them.
We are a family: Joey, Jenna, Haleigh, Pepper and Greighson.
We love our life and we love each other and we are a very happy little pack.

And everyone I know knows this.

So today when a co-worker of mine who I see and talk to every day and who sits right behind me said; "I think Michael Vick got a bad deal; they were too hard on him."
I was just stunned. When they went on to tell me that they did not like animals, especially pit bulls I was speechless.

I mean how anyone could say something like that?
And why in the world would someone say that to me??

I have been going through the whole rage of emotion: hurt, anger, confusion...

But in the end I just feel really, really sorry for this woman.
After she said that I went home for lunch with my horribly spoiling husband and loved on my kids. Peppers thought something was wrong and just laid there letting me kiss on her, Haleigh just rolled her eyes at me and Greighson cuddled on my lap.

This woman will never know the joy of coming home and being the greatest thing in the entire world. She will never know the joys of puppy kisses. The warmth on a cold night as your furkids cuddle with you. The unwaivering love and companionship.
And she will certainly never experience the joy of pit bull loyalty, intelligence and pure love.

I got my feelings hurt today because someone discounted the value of my family.
But that's OK. Now I just feel sorry for her knowing how much she misses out on. And the next time I hear her upset becuase she is not bonding with her baby like she wishes or that her baby slapped her in the face while she was changing her diaper I'll just have a little laugh to myself because I don't have those disappointments in my family now do I?

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